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A disorder within mainstream music; BIPOLUR brings you highs, lows, and bass galore.  Prescribed to get you out of your head, into your body and straight manic at the festival.

Justin Deeley and Connor Lamont doctor beats with surgical precision. Symptoms range from euphoria, sweating, and roller coasters of emotions. *Highly addictive, not suitable for children 4 and under.

Five years of producing together has garnered these manic two a long list of accomplishments. International DJ'S such as Valentino Khan, Vinai, Breah Carolina and Dubvision are a few they've played next to. Major local nightclubs they've been featured at are Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto Event Centre, Kee to Bala, Wasaga beach, London's Music Hall, and they've even headlined Toronto's Rebel Night Club.

Diagnosed by fans, promoters, and festival runners as up and coming, BIPOLUR is here to stay and to change the scene for the better for good.

*Please consult your physician with any questions regarding BIPOLUR music.

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